Most useful browser APIs

On the 24th of January 2020, I will talk on the DevConf 2020 conference with a topic of Most useful browser APIs. I will show a lot of exciting and important features of modern browsers:

  • I will make a brief overview of the browser storages – LocalStorageSessionStorageIndexedDB, and one framework example, Dexie.js.
  • How to handle files in the modern web apps by Drop and FileReader
  • Parallelization with WebWorkers
  • Making app real-time with WebSockets and antipattern of the heartbeat of long-polling + example of working with raw API vs. working with
  • All about <canvas/> and its 2D context through making a simple game with physics!
  • Few sentences about supercool technologies WebGLWebVR
  • And a small but vital API to make a game –  Pointer lock API.

I will welcome any comments and notes to the presentation: